Brain Food

May 29, 2017

Make Your Customers Your Salespeople




Imagine this situation:

You need a new car, but you can’t decide which model to buy. You read page upon page of marketing literature; you do a few test drives. Still, you’re unsure. Then your best friend tells you how great her car is and, just like that, your mind is made up: you want the same car she has.

Never underestimate word of mouth

A personal recommendation will always trump other forms of marketing, and companies can use this fact to their advantage.

Customer testimonials are a great way to get started since would-be customers will react to these as they would to any other personal recommendation.

Start by asking your customers a few carefully formulated questions to ensure you get usable answers.

For example, asking, “How much has your business grown after you started using our service?” will provide plenty of good statistics, whereas, “How has your company benefitted from our product?” will prompt positive stories.

Before you know it, your current customers will begin helping you attract many more.

Find out more on how to market your products, including why you should write customers handwritten notes, in The Revenue Growth Habit by Alex Goldfayn.

Alex Goldfayn is a marketing consultant, business coach and public speaker. By using his strategies, Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Logitech and Virgin Mobile have increased their revenue by an average of 15 percent.


His book outlines how you too can learn ‘the simple art of growing your business by 15% in 15 minutes a day’.